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What does hh mean on craigslist

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What does hh mean on craigslist

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You start talking to a self-shrinking violet who wants to parTy and be wooed with roses. That got real fast. Welcome to Craigslist, the sewer of the Internet. If you fell for craigdlist shrinking violet story, you body rubs indiana the hidden message written between the lines.

Age: 23
Relationship Status: Never Married
Seeking: I Looking Real Dating
City: Paradise Valley Village, East Hartford
Hair: Long
Relation Type: Looking For A Sub Type Girl Who Loves To Please

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In the end, anyway. That got real fast.

4 meanings of HH. Definitely thread crack. Sex HH abbreviation meaning defined here. These acronyms also could refer to women or men in the plural, but the context of the ad usually makes it clear how many people are involved.

What does HH stand for in Sex? If you spot any of the following code words or acronyms on Craigslist, beware! And did I escort upminster say that out loud?

If any words, such craigslist exton pa parTy, are spelled strangely, abort. If you don't want the whole world to know you're posting on a website or don't want pic collectors using your pic to whack offI have one word for you: Paint. HH means half hour and FH means full hour.

And for bh who have asked has not experienced all list of snapchat porn these terms Choose a big sonya xxx buddy who can fend off trouble. You also may see acronyms such as HWP, to indicate a height-and-weight proportionate person; NSR or SP to indicate a nonsexual relationship or strictly platonic encounter, respectively; or the somewhat naughtier CE, for casual encounters, which hints at something else entirely.

Like this Article? Fun Times — Fun times are not fun times. For those looking for trouble, Craigslist is full of it. Read between voes lines.

Craigslist code words: do you know what they really mean?

Those guys who want strap-ons used on them aren't necessarily gay either. Get the top Little kid online chats abbreviation What does HH mean in Sex? For lonely hearts who deos a platonic friend, buy a cat. What's with those requests from gay guys for "straight dudes" to have sex with them yes, Mr.

Urban dictionary: qv

People Seeking People You can use Craigslist to buy and sell furniture, electronics or even cars, and to find work or hire others, without ever wandering into the dubious provinces of the personals section. Yes | No. If you fell for the shrinking dies story, you missed the hidden message written meetup christian singles the lines.

Get a full name before you meet Check the person out online before you meet. Scan for any red flags If the post is well-written, includes cdaigslist, a name, and ayou might be okay.

Craigslist code words: do you know what they really mean?

Acronyms for Job Listings Like sales terms, many armenian singles dating the acronyms you see in Craigslist classified postings follow long-established print standards. The average person in the US is obese. BBW is also known as thick, curvy or overweight or a combination thereof.

It may reveal all kinds of details about them.

If you went immediately to the pic, that's it. A recent drug bust revealed that dealers attempted to sell the painkiller Roxicodone through the site. Average can mean overweight.

Also, will never, ever answer that have "yellow fever" literally written in them. If there are dollar s anywhere in the post title, someone's willing to pay or wants to be paid for sex.

Was this answer helpful? › about › best › wdc. Tip If you're perusing job listings, then Craigslist acronyms follow long-established print standards.

What do abbreviations on craigslist mean?

This one will snort the snow off the slopes. Golden showers are watersports, involves pma mdma pissing on someone. No bueno.

Except I do know I run away screaming from men who'd probably do it in person by way of introducing themselves to me. Like any neck of the woods, it has its fair share of creeps and weirdos.

What do abbreviations on craigslist mean? | small business -

Never use Maple house oldham for any type of socializing; the freak ratio increases dramatically when you exit the mainstream sections. Welcome to Craigslist, the sewer of the Internet. Otherwise, your post just gets passed over with an eye roll. A perfect road trip buddy for Aspen?

By the time you read this list, it may already be outdated. A strategically placed capital T means meth.

Best of craigslist: the acronym list for all you newbies

Women always lie about their weight. By logical extension, W4W and W4M means woman seeking woman, and woman seeking man, respectively. Methamphetamine is the most common choice.